Unforgiveness - Can You Forgive?



  • 2015-02-14T17:09:21

You Have To Forgive in order to Have the Life God Has intended For You To Live and also To Love The Other People As You Love Yourself if you don't you will never Be forgiven by God and The Son Of God Jesus Believe Me I Know How It Feels To Hold Something Inside Until You Explode That's No Way To Live at All <3 <3 <3 <3 Love Is The Key To Eternal Life With The Lord In Heaven <3 <3 <3 <3

  • 2014-04-09T16:22:25

Struggle in growing up is hard enough but when a trusting relationship with a parent is violated you become a victim twice. One for what is done by a act of an adult, two if you talk about it to try and become a survivor. It took many years to forgive and he had done this too many times to other members of the family. But when I found this out, it pushed me right back to the feelings I had before I had forgiven him. Now I have had to hand this over to God again as it has become such a large hurt.

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What did Jesus endure for you?

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