What is the best way to study the Bible?-Chris Brauns



  • 2011-12-03T11:28:13

Study The Bible as if reading "Letters" from "Witnesses". "Rightly Dividing The Word 0f Truth'. As "The Spirit 0f Truth" Reminds you of what Jesus Said.

  • 2011-12-02T05:16:46

This is an interesting perspective and it is close are pouring your present "church" structure into the biblical text, including it seems the misunderstanding of the gift of pastor/teacher but speaking of an office that does not exist in scripture. Then you move to study in small groups to the exclusion of that pastor office (job). It is valuable and critical that we wrestle through scripture, learn proper hermeneutics and struggle with other believers. Since all believers are in the Church then any time we study with an believers were are studying in the Church. Current church structure, the big Sunday event, is the least efficient and almost entirely ineffective method of making disciples which is the primary goal of every member of the Church, the body of Christ.

  • 2011-12-02T05:05:28

I can see both sides of this. My own experience has been that independent Bible study is absolutely vital if someone is ever going to truly grow in their relationship with God. If I attend worship and take what is said there at face value without testing it for myself (1 Th 5:21), I don't believe that represents a truly personal walk with Him - you're just following another person's path (i.e., interpretation). On the other hand, as I grow in my relationship, I'm learning that a church "home" or community with other believers can be very helpful in developing that personal relationship. Spiritual discernment is key though - knowing what is 'of' the Lord and what is not isn't always unmistakable, especially for a 'young' believer such as myself. If you are or are in the process of becoming "churched", don't get comfortable - try to stay challenged and pray for discernment. At the end of the day though, it's you, the Lord and His word.

  • 2011-12-02T03:16:48

Go to a Bible-preaching church and stick to it. I never trust anyone who claim to be Christian and skip regular weekly attendance of church. A crooked, unteachable and theologically erroneous spirit. No exception.

  • 2011-12-02T02:16:43

A trend I am seeing is toward some mega-churches teaching such a general message to the congregation as a whole with basically no substance, apparently to bring people in..THey then use the small study groups for people to meet and do more intense Bible study..The challenge I see with this is that everyone in these smaller groups, many of whom have no past Bible knowledge, tend to say their "opinion" of what the scripture says to them, instead of learning what GOd's meaning of the scripture is. I find that the "foundation" of good Bible study needs to start in the Church where pastors who have formally studied every area of the Bible and Christianity can direct others to proper meanings, contexts, early cultures, etc. to have a good basis for then continuing to study on their own. Allowing scripture to interpret scripture is best compared to just deciding what sounds good to you..

  • 2011-12-02T00:46:35

It is good to study the bible for yourself then you can know the word, speak the word, and make sure the Pastor is telling you what thus says the lord. Yes the holy spirit will give you wisdom and understanding of God's word along with wisdom from the Pastor. But the word of God tells us to study to show ourselves approved unto God!

  • 2011-12-02T00:28:39

Thanks, but Ido just fine reading my king james bible. The HOLY SPIRIT is my teacher. By the way what I am saying is BIBLICAL.

  • 2011-12-01T23:54:50

I am glad you think the church is able to do this but the church I grew up in taught the bible great but it was only when I on my own studied that it became real. Your thoughts put man again under imperfect man instead of the holy spirit.

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