• 2012-02-28T16:50:15

a life lived without no cost. what's a dog without a tail. a sail boat without a sail. a swamp without a gator. walt disney without fantasia. a dreamer without a dream. or a schemer without a scheme. Jesus without the cross. a life lived without no cost. what's a duck without a quack. mcdonalds without a big mac. a charmer without a snake. a baker without a cake. a cowboy without a horse. a chef without a 5 course. heaven without the father. no Jesus or salvation why even bother. yet I'm a man with hope. i got a Jesus telescope. its sees through heavenly things. most of all the king of kings. God s not a man that he should lie. nor does he look for any alibi. if Hes says so it is true. faith in Christ will take u through. WORDS TO MY SONG.

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