Thanksgiving With Jesus



  • 2011-11-20T13:04:24

Spastic is being used as an adjective... we should be thankful that we have the ability and freedom to use words to describe feelings... and I have worked with disabled people for over 30 years and spastic used in the way Mark did... would be understood and not criticized. Just saying...

  • 2011-11-19T19:43:25

I must agree with some of the people who responded to this video. Be thankful for everyday. Know it's a parody and stretch.

  • 2011-11-19T16:34:22

But, what would you actually say to Jesus that wouldn't feel ridiculous? LOL He knows everything and everyone so I can't help but think that anything that you would say would feel that silly and superficial... Just a thought. :)

  • 2011-11-19T14:36:39

Joy Johnson , beautifully said! I've read all the comments; and yours is the best!

  • 2011-11-19T12:05:25 may get an Amen Scott! AMEN!

  • 2011-11-19T12:03:58

NOTHING can make Jesus less than the Savior He IS! I do not believe a single video, song, or anything the folks who make the decisions at God-Tube 'post', is ever with the intention or from motives meant to inspire negativity of any kind! Yet day after day, (and people are entitled to their own opinions, which show the lost where we as a Body of Believers are, I've experienced it FIRST-HAND!), there is negativity here in abundance! I'm sure you did not comment (John Robert Kincaid) with any intention of turning off a non-believer? I just think as Jesus' followers, we have a responsibility to think it through b4 we let our thoughts about what another member of the Corporate Body of Christ is trying to convey? I'm a Believer, not a pastor, deacon, or a spokesman for God-Tube. It simply makes me frown to see such blatant negativity , Day after day!

  • 2011-11-19T11:44:20

Amen to that Miss or Mrs. Suselle Boffey!

  • 2011-11-19T06:54:20

I agree with the above viewers.

  • 2011-11-19T06:49:44

I can't believe how many people are not getting this video. Every video on Godtube does not need to be a tear jerker. The "pilgrim" is symbolic of how many people just talk to Jesus about superficial things and never take the time to listen to him. I don't think they made Jesus look stupid. I think they were trying to portray Jesus as He may often be, sitting there waiting for us to shut up and listen to Him. Let yourselves out of your boxes. The Lord uses all kinds of ideas and methods to reach his children. God bless and happy turkey day.

  • 2011-11-19T05:42:26

Lighten up folks. This reminds me of how I pray sometimes, I go on & on and how is God supposed to get a word in edgewise? I have to remind myself to be Still and know He is God! I thought this was funny, I'm glad God has a sense of humor, I think we should too. I'm glad Godtube put it on, a good laugh never hurt anyone.

  • 2011-11-19T00:55:34

Lol! How true is this? How often does Jesus want to be the center of our lives yet we don't give him a chance to have a say in it. Great video.

  • 2011-11-19T00:29:31

Mark Brink please do not use the word spastic in that context - so disrespectful to disabled people.

  • 2011-11-18T22:43:41

I am not impressed and agree with the previous comments of similar feelings. This seems to water down Jesus and make him less than the Savior he came to be!

  • 2011-11-18T22:07:36

This was silly. There is so much to be Thankful for and Jesus far exceeds what can be imagined. He is Bigger and Better than the effort put into this video for sure!

  • 2011-11-18T21:39:32

STUPID. Disrespectful to say the least. Please can we not only replace it with something else, but do so quickly?

  • 2011-11-18T21:23:02

This video is hilarious. Some of you need to lighten up.

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