Christianity.com: What is the value of church history? What does it teach us?-Owen Strachan



  • 2012-03-27T10:54:28

Just as the Old Testament and the New Testament Bible teaches us what God is pleased with and what He hates and how His people lived, the wholesome study on the Church history does the similar things for us. As all the powerful empires were a mere background to the nation Israel in B.C., the Church has been the main character and the only humane civil liberator on earth for the last 2,000 years. We mankind learned about the one true God, the origin of the world, the reality of our nature, God's unconditional love, our destinies, human dignity, freedom, honesty, reasoning, fairness, equality, sane laws with sanctity of life, how to quest for objective truth, and universal literacy from the Church, no other. Christ's Church - flawless as a visible institution? Not really. The most beautiful, loving, sacrificial, vital and holy? Absolutely yes! In the 21st century, ignorance, willful misunderstanding, hatred, and attacks from villains against the Church are all too rampant throughout the world especially in the present secular West, but the worst tragedy hits when Christians don't read the Bible or study the Church history. Those who wish for a revival MUST study the Church history along with reading the Holy Bible daily. Honest and thorough study in any field of knowledge only brings one into the Biblical truth, never the opposite.

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