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  • 2014-08-23T02:07:49

Perhaps if you ask folks to read the Bible Gospels, especially John, and ask God to speak to them, they will hear from God himself and be humbled in their hearts to seek repentance and welcome Jesus into their hearts.I was convicted that homosexuality was wrong and came to Jesus after the suicide of a friend, wanting to know where I would go when I died. After reading Romans 1:23-27, I knew I was wrong. Before that, I knew I was wrong but just wouldn't admit it. I actually became physically ill. And I came to the Lord through a child I was nursing with the help of her family. The mother led me in the sinner's prayer in June , 1981. Freedom from homosexuality for me was found in a walk of sanctification, learning submission to the Lord one day at a time, learning His word and applying it to my life through study and speaking it in faith, learning to walk by faith and not by my feelings, in repentance daily, and in forgiveness and release of all judgments against both myself and all who had sinned against me. I had lots of help through counselors, teachers of the Bible, pastors, and friends within the body of Christ. You can read my testimony on www.speakyourhealing101.com. Conviction of sin comes from the Holy Spirit I believe.Best to you, way of the master; you are helping so many people! His presence is awesome.

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