This Is Footage Of A Real Angel In The Sky!! "Must See Video"!!!!!!!



  • 2016-03-26T17:16:58

"the rare Christian that uses logic and reason walks into the room, sees the video, and proceeds to comment" If we are to say that our reality is defined by God (YWH) then we understand that natural events are not to be interpretted as signs at all. Jesus, in a famous discourse, went into some detail on this, it is also in one of the Books of the Prophets that a now-famous prophet went all the way back to Mt. Horeb or "the mountain of Moses" and there was a series of natural occurances that happened on the mountain but in the end "there was a still small voice" and THAT voice was that of YWH. (btw: I prefer to use the tetragram instead of the European style because too many atheists have already pointed out that when someone says "God or GOD" it could mean anything since the word translates as "judge" so by using YWH there is no question on whom I am referring to) so in conclusion: Be careful of what you see or what you think you see, too many false prophets have gone into the world when an agent of the wicked one (a fallen angel) appears to them and gives them false instructions, I am thinking of two of them right now but after reading the TOS for this site I'll let you all figure it out.

  • 2015-12-09T18:16:16

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  • 2015-11-05T01:28:47

Angel's don't have wings. Only Cherubims. He gave that only to you. Angel's are among us every day. The bible says for us to be careful of whom we entertain. Meaning it could be an angel. I have seen them and they appear as men.

  • 2015-11-01T18:03:11

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  • 2015-09-21T14:53:47

Only the Lord God can do this with his greatness!

  • 2015-09-05T02:12:59

you got it sista

  • 2015-09-03T04:47:48

Only can i say is that I believe in God and in the Angels. And lot of people saw Angels flying in the sky. I know that we have Angels that take care of us every day, every minute.

  • 2015-08-29T07:27:10

  • 2015-08-26T23:50:08

I have simular supernatural things on Godtube as well if your interested. Go to "eodi" here on Godtube and check it out.

  • 2015-08-10T23:51:12

Videos like this along with the reports of those experiencing near death and seeing heaven, friends and even Jesus Himself are exactly the kinds of things that unbelievers laugh at and with good reason. Of course there are Angels and of course there is heaven, but nothing like these kinds of videos portray.

  • 2015-08-04T10:14:15

Last year God told me watch for signs in the sky-obviously on net or tv-within the span of a month there were 5 signs-The aurora Borealis, indicating the worldwide outpour of The Holy Spirit in the Latter days-Aurora Borealis described in Ezekilel 1, followed by a solar eclipse(sun shall be darkened as sackcloth), followed by a blood moon on Easter week-end. But there was also extensive bio-luminescence suspended in the skies(looked like stars). The message is-I'm sending my Holy Spirit(aurora borealis) to prepare my bride for my Second Coming(Jesus represented by Blood moon for obvious reasons.) The solar Eclipse means-the judgment-God turns His Face. God told me we're on the threshhold of the 6th seal, before the Nepal earthquake, I alluded to a major quake and it's not over-I'm referring to the EuroAsian faultline(round about November, but I cannot commit to this date, So the Trinity was represented by those 3 signs in the sky, but so were the angels-we'll be seeing more of them from now on:Rev6:12-The sun will become dark as sackcloth, the moon will become as red as blood, there will be a mighty earthquake and the stars will fall to the earth. Angels, as most Christians know are referred to as stars. I'm keen to get comments on the 2 dead angels, found in London and Texas-it lines up with the 6th seal,.........but is this a hoax or is it real-if fabricated it should be considered a criminal offence and therefor punishable by law. Oh, I mentioned there were 5 signs in one month, the other was a very rare event called a sellenium, wich is a simultaneous lunar and solar eclipse, on Sat, 4 March, I think, which fell on Easter Week-End. Of these 5 signs(I did the research, the most common sighting is the blood moon and that appears on average once a year, The Aurora Borealis apppeared in some year BC AND THAN FOR A MILLENIUM no sightings, until the 1600's. than again 2 sightings in the 1800's(hope my sources were reliable, 1900's I think 2 sightings, but since 2006 the sightings became an annual occurance-sceptics will say global warming, but the Bible also predicts global warming-it says in Ezekiel the sun will become seven times hotter.

  • 2015-08-04T01:26:18

Terri Hack look at my pics on facebook, face in the clouds, dragon taking souls home and a cat that i guess that i only see.

  • 2015-08-03T12:39:25

Blessed are those who haven't seen, yet believe. I'm not discounting your vision, but I would like to impress upon you that the senses can be deceived. Feelings can trap us. Many miracles that are not of God will ensnare many. I love Angels and know they have protected me and my family. They are God's servants and messengers. But I'd be very careful about proclaiming anything that is visible whether in a trance/meditative state or in a dream as a sure sign from God.

  • 2015-07-31T16:13:27

Awesome, the word ways, who have eyes , Let them see, and who have ears, let them hear, what the spirit of the Lord is saying to his people, who loves our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Look up, for your redemption is near. God Bless u all

  • 2015-07-28T10:55:28

God bless you

  • 2015-07-06T05:11:22

I' m interested to see

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