Tithing Without Generosity



  • 2014-01-22T21:38:46

So give til it hurts? I try to give in ways that really make a difference, Not in ways that enable dependence, which is what the government does after wasting at least half of our tax dollars!

  • 2014-01-22T18:59:08

I have left many churches because they tell you that if you are a Christian and you do not tithe you are cursed. My question to them is, How can one be a Christian (a disciple or follower of Jesus) and be cursed at the same time, and if this is true, why is it not included in their SALVATION message?

  • 2014-01-22T15:14:32


  • 2014-01-22T12:34:53

it is good to give tithes but it is good to have compassion and give to others as well and have god in ur heart

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