A Painting Performance of The Crucifixion That Will Give You Chills!



  • 2014-04-20T16:30:36

Thanks for sharing, hope your all doing well. happy Easter .

  • 2014-04-20T16:30:03

Thanks for sharing, hope your all doing well.

  • 2014-04-19T21:44:56

Ambidextrous too - what a gift!

  • 2014-04-19T21:38:26

The words blew my mind and I just howled I'd never even thought how it looked to Father. Am waiting to see the painting because I can't get s signal - its hard to wait because I know it will be amazing!

  • 2014-04-19T14:23:22


  • 2013-08-14T02:50:21

thank you jesus for the talent you gave him.. in jesus name amen.

  • 2013-06-06T11:48:10

amen and for me

  • 2013-06-01T14:03:59

Barbara and I both loved it. What an amazing gift the painter has. Thank you

  • 2013-05-25T13:41:40

this artist used by GOD unimaginable.unique. I could watch him, create every image of GOD, JESUS,...wow.. the HOLY SPIRIT revealed thru him. would LOVE to have PRINTS to put on walls...

  • 2013-03-30T16:47:48

JUST CALLED THIS STORE AND COMPLAINED THAT A "FRIEND" WAS IN THE STORE AND THE CASHIER DID NOT SAY 'HAVE A BLESSED DAY', I was told that they are not required to say that. I asked if they would be reprimanded for saying it if someone calls and complains that they did and was told, 'NO, ma'am, they would not be reprimanded'..... so, I guess they've changed their minds. I was then told to 'Have a blessed day'. HALLELUJAH... FIT PITCHING WORKS..... WHY HAVE WE NOT USED THE ENEMY'S AMMO SOONER?

  • 2012-12-14T13:34:59

people are so talented, I could feel and see what Jesus did for me in this as well as for the world..The Blood That Covers Was Shedd For Us..Amen!

  • 2012-12-05T10:05:52

What a wonderful presentation...that was..is & always the mind of Christ! desire have it..to do God's will....

  • 2012-11-22T07:15:09

u gotta watch this, i come back to it on different occasions just to experience it again, now it is :47 minutes from Thanksgiving, Oh what a Savior to be Thankful for! Thank You JESUS!! All Glory to God!!

  • 2012-11-22T07:10:09

i thought it was chalk...

  • 2012-11-22T07:02:41

this never fails to move me beyond word, wow, thank you LORD JESUS, hey, if you do bookings I love to talk with you, we have an EASTER Event that would love to host you, we serve over 2500 peop[le there, all for the Glory of GOD in the Highest!

  • 2012-10-31T22:33:37

The red paint representing his shed blood was an inspiring addition to this beautiful work of art.

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