What can we learn from the mistakes of King Solomon?-Josh Moody



  • 2013-06-30T10:05:59

Challenge to all Christian. Assalamowalikum I challenge all Christian because they are following the untrue religion. Please see my queries as follows. You will never find the answers in the true Bible. 1. Was Prophet Jesus (PBUH) a Christian? 2. Did he (Prophet Jesus (PBUH)) bring Christian Religion? 3. Is Prophet Jesus (PBUH) a God? 4. Who was his father? 5. Did Prophet Jesus (PBUH) create the first Church? 6. Was he crucified? 7. What is the true religion of Prophet Jesus (PBUH)? 8. Is Bible for Christian? For more information visit my website.

  • 2012-08-31T11:31:16

I thought he would say: Don't even imagine you have rights to multiple women; don't compromise with any form of idolatry; don't grant godless wishes of a spouse; be thankful during the poverty as wealth destroys even the smartest men, and such. But true, knowledge or strength alone is no weapon against lust, pride, disloyalty and moral deterioration. Hearing the Word constantly and yieding to the Holy Spirit guard us as the Proverbs say so.

  • 2012-08-31T11:26:12

Moses desired to see the glory of God and David having intimacy with God. Solomon asking for a discerning heart for his kingdom, as noble and pleasing to God as it was, maybe was not godly enough. Man needs to have love for God; ability itself must not be his ultimate desire or aim.

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