MercyMe - Beat It (Cover Tune Grab Bag)



  • 2014-04-18T04:54:44

This is too funny, wish I could have been a part of that. This must have been a reaallly late night for them. This is about the way I act sometimes when I'm tired, loopy! :-)

  • 2014-01-08T02:48:03

They are just having fun! The reason so many young people don't want to be "Christians" is because they think it's boring and you can't have any fun! God clearly has a sense of humor...just look at some of the animals he created! I am sure he doesn't mind us having fun!

  • 2013-12-06T15:12:34

Not sure why they did it.But I think it's funny.God does have a sense of humour.

  • 2013-11-24T03:20:03

Hahahahahaha had a laugh on that one thanks guys

  • 2013-11-18T16:27:14

I really don' feel any anointing of God in his video or song.I am a fan Mercy Me Music and enjoy Their Music.But there is no anointing of God on Micheal Jacksons,Beat It.Sorry.

  • 2013-11-14T02:32:44

The guys in the background were cracking me up! Pure fun!!!

  • 2013-10-10T07:50:10

awesome :) one of my fav songs :)

  • 2013-09-25T14:16:33

More fun love it

  • 2013-03-16T04:14:47

listening to every words of the music....COOL!

  • 2013-03-15T18:58:51

I LOVED IT LOL it just shows that being a christian doesn't mean you have to be a stick in the mud... I loved it and I love that band...

  • 2013-03-15T16:32:52

I thought it was funny, it's OK to have a bit of fun with music, good down time for the band! Shows christians have sense of humour.

  • 2013-03-15T00:43:32

Kayla as with all of us he only died innocent if he had asked for forgiveness.

  • 2013-03-14T23:19:02

Did not enjoy it at all. What has happened to Mercy me? There is having fun and then there is that. Not funny to me. Was that even suppose to be seen?

  • 2013-03-14T22:52:14

oh yeah, I really do like the stuff I post! LOL

  • 2013-03-14T18:33:19

I see you tedashii. 11SIX in the mix everywhere.

  • 2013-03-14T16:47:35

It's called having a sense of humor people, lighten up for goodness sakes. I cannot tell you how much MercyMe's music is glorifying to the Lord and how they themselves are such a great group of guys. Sigh, we Christians are our own worst enemies sometimes.......

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