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Pastor Rap - Back to Church



  • 2012-08-28T18:59:37

LOL! Faye on the pipe organ layin it down! bahahahahahaha!

  • 2012-08-28T14:15:28

I know that at least two of these gentlemen are the same men from the "It's A Dad's Life" video. I applaud their God-given talents and thank ALL of them for spreading the word and for the invitation. I accept!

  • 2012-08-28T14:02:43

How very sad that people even argue over a VERY Christian video who's only motive is to get people to come to church. That's the ONLY point of this video. We ALL call it "going to church" when go there, right? So? Are you hating the music or the message? Like others posted before, do you think Jesus didn't have a sense of humor? Do you honestly think he spent 33 years on earth and never laughed or smiled or sang or possibly even danced? Psalm 100: 1-2 (KJV) "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all yes lands. Serve the Lord with gladness: come before his presence with singing."

  • 2012-08-28T09:57:41

Nothing wrong with the video...some people complain about everything they can.

  • 2012-08-28T07:45:36

I agree with Benny, this is another way to reach today's generation. Traditional religions and churches are hindering the means of reaching the lost souls for Jesus. Praise and Worship is to our God, not to our traditions, religions, churches or mankind, should be freely expressed through a variety of Christian and Gospel Music. Most of this generation is not like the ones we knew when we were younger and growing up. Using a variety of music and videos types in the forms of the Gospel and Christian music in a form of Praise and Worship to reach out to this younger generation know that Jesus loves them anyway regardless and there is no wrong in reaching them with what they listen to... Christian Rap, Christian Metal, Christian Rock, etc. Let's get the praises to our God in whatever way possible, not to mankind! Make a joyful noise to the Lord! Amen

  • 2012-08-27T15:12:51

God is speaking the same message in different styles and formats with the different gifts He has given his people. Check the foundation of the teaching and if it checks out as sound, enjoy the different styles we are blessed with in this nation. The point is...find a place to worship, learn and be a part of the Body of Christ. God is reaching out to everyone there is no doubt. Great video.

  • 2012-08-27T13:31:29


  • 2012-08-27T08:38:50

back to church? no thanks. everyone is going back to church but few are being called out by the creator and master yeshua. rap, hip-hop, rock, old peoples, gospel, blah blah is not worship. true worship is obedience to him who said if you love me you will do as I say. if you believe in me you will do as I command. therefore with all simplicity can we just acknowledge that all are called to repent and no longer sin but be set apart as our strength in the heavens is set apart and perfect. all these pastors tingle my ears a bit and I almost fall asleep but my teacher yeshua said "WAKE UP, and strengthen what remains and is about to die, for I have not found your works complete before Elohim. revelation 3:2 woo woo to the YAH.. how you like that rap?

  • 2012-08-27T04:12:24

I think a lot of people who have commented have missed the point of this video- it's to motivate people who have lost their way to go back to church, and it's an advert for Back to Church day on 16 Sep (in the US, where I am not!). These guys have lots of videos on different topics. How can you expect them to put the whole Bible in 3 minutes? Get them to church then teach them they need to repent, then they can go to a Bible Study for more indepth knowledge. Jesus wasn't self-righteous, he met people at their point of need, and had compassion on them.

  • 2012-08-26T18:24:08

I repeat, let no one think me foolish. But even if you do, accept me as a fool, so that I too may boast a little. (2 Corinthians 11:16)

  • 2012-08-26T12:53:42

So that makes you a southern Bapticostal? : )

  • 2012-08-26T12:42:50

Iam both Southern Baptist & Southern Pentecostal.

  • 2012-08-26T05:51:50

Love it All....Back to Church, Be the Church. Both are salvation at this point.

  • 2012-08-25T20:24:07

Come to church, get the Gospel, get the message... come back, come from the loss to the found. Let's remember to welcome back the loss with open hearts. Let's support those who have walked in the doors of the church so they can walk with their brothers and sister in the church of Spirit. The first step is to invite people, next to show them we love them as God love us, then help them through their journey. So yes, come back to church. We have been praying for you.

  • 2012-08-25T18:40:16

Look Everyone on here seems to want to Argue a point So I will leave a post and leave it at that. God Wants People back into the House of God where they should be. Jesus said come as you are. I think it is good to have a since of humor and to draw people in any way possilble. It is because of people like this in these posts that send mixed signals of Christianity that people will mock and say look not even the Christians can agree with eachother. Well congradulations to all of you for proving them right. Jesus was on earth and was a poor servant carpenter he did not wear a suit and tie he wore what the poor sinners wore. Please do not insualt my God- My Lord and Savior by saying that this is foolish. What is foolish is Christians not understanding that we all have the Same God. There was only one Jesus who died on the Cross for our sins and by that and upon acceptance of what he did and believing that God brought him back to life and that through his blood only are we redeemed and saved. If all of you don't understand this than it is time to check yourselves. the point is not anything but to pull the sheep back to the shepard and lead those that are lost back to the savior so they can know they have a home in heaven and do the same for someone else and to live life like one. By his Grace love and mercy alone we are saved. Note to all of those who read, reach out to someone right now or as soon as possible and let them know there is a God that Loves them. This is the Point and nothing else. Same God. Same Faith. Same Heaven. Nothing different. An incouragement to all of you. Stop letting our Mouths do the talking instead let God have his way with us. And Let God be our mouth, hands and Feet. With Love to all of my Christian Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus our Lord lets Get the real Picture.

  • 2012-08-25T15:20:03

Yes this a blessing and fun. Share with your friends.