Chris Tomlin - White Flag (Official Music Video) Passion 2012



  • 2012-05-17T00:57:50

Knell down to Our Almighty today and Repent in Sackcloth and Ashes because his return will be like a thief in the night brothers and sisters "The Sign Of Jonah" is all around us and their will be no peace to the wicked look around spread the good news to REPENT Now his return will be in this generation Bless my brothers and sisters.

  • 2012-05-16T22:21:36

I want to be free to dance like Kristian is dancing!

  • 2012-05-16T06:33:10

Love this song! That's all it's going to take, to lay our weapons down wave our white flags, thank you Jesus!

  • 2012-05-16T06:09:47

I love this song! It really gets to the core of what it is to be a true, worshiping Christian!

  • 2012-05-16T01:42:36

Always enjoy my brothers music...PTL for Chris' heart...

  • 2012-05-15T20:25:56

All for the glory of God!

  • 2012-05-15T19:14:35

porcaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa madonnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  • 2012-05-15T19:14:14

missouri sucks

  • 2012-05-15T19:13:44

burn in hell.. madda fuka

  • 2012-05-15T18:26:40

How Great is our GOD! AMEN!

  • 2012-05-15T18:08:40

Cristians and hipsters together... I think I'm going to call Satan right now.. He'll know what to do.

  • 2012-05-15T17:57:54

I hate all of you fucking christian bastard.

  • 2012-05-15T17:54:16

this web site is like a porcooooo diooooooooooo.

  • 2012-05-15T17:53:40

god bless you madda fuka.

  • 2012-05-15T17:53:16


  • 2012-05-15T17:34:28

I was there. It was an amazing time in His presence. I'm actually in the video too, as the last chord of the song rings out and they pan across the crowd, there I am with my group of college kids. So thankful for the Passion movement (Louie Giglio, etc.) and their commitment to young people at a crossroads in their lives and for their zeal in directing them outward in the name of Jesus.

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