Touching Animation of a Dying Man's Final Words of Love to His Wife - True Story!



  • 2013-08-01T20:22:42

To all the married couples out there please read and listen, listen to the words they will stur. your heart.

  • 2013-02-11T04:18:14

Sweet. Touching. I was able to get the video as well as the words.

  • 2013-02-10T05:21:12

Cliff, my heart goes out to you. I am so sorry for your loss. May God bless you and your children and give you the strength to carry on.

  • 2013-02-06T16:58:09

My heart goes out to you, Cliff. God bless and comfort you. I am married to the man of my dreams.....truly God's gift to me. He's been Type 1 diabetic for 30 years, now. At this stage, he's relatively healthy.....but, what most people don't realize, is the EVERY SINGLE day of a diabetic's life is a miracle. I, too, have an incurable disease..... We treasure each day we have on this Earth; knowing that we have eternity together does make it somewhat easier. In His abundant love, we can conquer all!

  • 2013-01-30T14:16:54

This is really true love.

  • 2013-01-29T14:38:51

Well, that made me cry. How very touching. Sigh...

  • 2013-01-29T14:23:45

Wow, the truest of love is so much about "being there."

  • 2013-01-28T23:27:49

So sorry Cliff for you and your wonderful children. I will keep you all in my prayers.

  • 2013-01-28T22:10:32

In every marriage that I have witness, that has past the test of time.....there is unique story, it is not what you see in movies or even read in books, it is that unthinkable romantic story that only God can manifest between two people that love and commit to each other!

  • 2013-01-27T05:55:40

My Husband is the love of my life. this is my third marriage with each one ending in death. My first one ( died by a drunk driver ) left behind 3 small children. He had 20 years in the Navy and would have retired with in the next two months following his death. he was 42 and I was 32. My second husband died from a diabetic coma. Leaving also 3 small children and 7 older children from his previous marriage. He was 50, I was 41. And now my husband is in Hospic care. He has been failing in health for some time and lost 100 lbs. over the past year (2012). He has alzhimers, copd, diabetic, and a heart bypass patient. Luckly enough we DO NOT have children together. He has 4 very rude Grown children who don't call or come see there Father. He gets very upset by this. But with our love and closeness and faith we will Love each other unconditionally until the very end. God keep him in your loving arms. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!

  • 2013-01-27T03:56:51

This was truley a Inspirational video for me and my wife, as I set down to watch this the phone rung and was our next door neighbor calling to inform us that Phil "God Rest His Soul" just past away.Phil was a truley good person and would help you in any way he could up till he got sick a few years ago.His wife is such a trooper for the things she had to endure with him being sick.Wanda we pray for you and your family at this time of sorrow.The people that Phil touched will never forget the times we shared with him.The summer days of seeing him rocking in that porch swing with a wave just for you to know he knowedged you in your passing by will be sure missed by us.

  • 2013-01-27T01:56:37

They're such a cute couple...awww<3

  • 2013-01-27T01:55:29

Love you more

  • 2013-01-26T19:29:48

My daddy just passed away last Saturday. He loved my mom more than words - very similar to this couple. Through good and bad times, my parents stuck by each other - 46 years of marriage. Almost 50 together. My brothers and I are so blessed to have been loved by them. Now we pray God gives us more time with my mom.

  • 2013-01-25T23:56:50

iI write this with tears in my eyes. I wish my husband loved me one tenth as much as this man loved his wife. I am so happy for is wife that she had those wonderful years with him to help sustain her.

  • 2013-01-25T21:13:54

Beautiful! Such unending love.I have noticed that this kind of love happens mostly with seniors-the previous generation-who truly believed in marriage til death do us part. And to Karen-it reminded me of the movie "UP" also.But what a touching movie.My best thoughts and prayers go to Annie.

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