Mandisa - Somebody's Angel (Official Christmas Music Video)



  • 2013-12-25T14:04:02

I love this movie, and this song is beautiful :)

  • 2013-12-15T23:14:24

Amazing talent...truly inspiring! I am blessed to hear a line you used Salvation Army, thank you so much for what you do in music. I will need to buy your album. Godbless you heaps

  • 2013-12-15T16:49:16

  • 2013-12-14T00:34:42

You can find it on Netflix. It's one of those cute "feel good" movies! :-)

  • 2013-12-11T03:29:53

Ebay... Christmas Angel 2012

  • 2013-12-09T16:27:43

Thank you God for the angels in my life! I invite you to use me if I can love on someone on your behalf any day of the year. <3

  • 2013-12-09T14:40:36

Never saw this movie is the movie called Christmas Angel and where can i find it ?

  • 2013-08-06T16:46:02

The world needs more movies like THIS!

  • 2013-08-06T16:44:39

Just turn your volume down and KEEP IT POSITIVE!

  • 2013-07-16T22:40:17

Christmas angel, even in July...

  • 2012-12-10T21:29:10

there ya go

  • 2012-12-10T21:18:02

cant get it to post on my fb wall :,,(.

  • 2012-12-04T05:57:14

We have to be Somebody's Angel what a great song this is the time to give even a :) will help.

  • 2012-11-30T01:04:59

How I wish and pray that I could be an 'angel' not just to somebody, but to everybody especially this CHRISTmas time.. There are families without homes living in tents along the streets, children who are sick and hungry, especially here in the Philippines who were badly hit by the recent flash flood last September, whose only Hope is JESUS... How i/we pray that the so-called CHRISTians who truly love the Lord Jesus have the heart to share their blessings especially at CHRISTmas time, when we remember the Father's Love for 'US' that He gave His most precious Gift.., JESUSCHRIST... LET US GIVE HOPE AND PUT A SMILE ON EVERYONE'S FACE, GIVE LOVE (Real Love) this CHRISTmas.. For the glory of God and the Love of Jesus, Amen? Amen!:)\o/♥♥♥ 1Corinthians13-15 >< ((*> <3<3<3.

  • 2012-11-25T22:50:41

WOW another great song that Mandisa sings! I LOVE HER positivity! she is an angel! BLESSINGS to her and her family for a happy blessed holiday season...I say go on girl! Top of the morning to ya :)

  • 2012-11-24T14:54:42


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