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  • 2013-01-25T20:21:30

Just press LIKE button it will come on your facebook and you can even share with others by pressing SEND button. Both the buttons are near the screen. Hope this was useful.

  • 2013-01-25T14:34:42

I like very much and there is so much truth in it. Buuut I would like to paste it to my facebook and haven't been able to, any suggestions?

  • 2013-01-23T19:20:15

If they had God in their lives it would do wonders. This way they would know for sure right from wrong and there would be no 2nd guessing.

  • 2013-01-23T19:19:18

Unfortunately having unprotected sex has consequences, babies, stds, even married. I know of women that have had abortions because it just not the right time to have a child due to age, job, selfishness etc. The bottom line is do not have unprotected sex period. That is not going to happen so if you know of a person that has gotten pregnant and is considering abortion talk to her and let her know you are there to help her not condem her or make any judgements. With my son and daughter I talked straight to them and did not hold anything back.

  • 2013-01-23T17:49:26

u have any solution When the last time said what do we do I dont know whats next we can either stop abortion or people can have safe sex But in my point even having safe sex b4 marriage is bad and when u have sex after marriage u never have to abort the child so thats supports it Since u seem to be wise i want know ur opinion ?

  • 2013-01-22T16:43:47

How many souls.............

  • 2013-01-22T15:36:44


  • 2013-01-22T15:21:37

please share with others.

  • 2013-01-22T13:26:36

This story is repeated 3,288 times every day in America. Can you believe it?

  • 2013-01-22T12:44:25

Choose Life!

  • 2013-01-22T12:32:42


  • 2013-01-22T12:08:33

I have often wondered how to inform young women about the consequences of having unprotected sex that will work. It just doesn't make sense to continue makeing new life just to abort it. It is murder no matter what age they abort. As soon as that egg is fertilized a life has begun. This is my opinion and I have been called pigheaded, opinionated, old school, and I will not change it.

  • 2013-01-22T11:56:07

I cried as well ;( . It breaks my heart , this disregard for LIFE. ;(

  • 2013-01-22T11:51:23

I cried when I saw this video. LIFE is so precious.Give life donot abort.

  • 2013-01-22T11:46:57


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