Bold Man Wonderfully Sings to Jesus in Hospital Waiting Room!



  • 2014-01-09T02:37:55

love the song, this man has a very beautiful voice. love his worship. very comforting

  • 2014-01-09T00:04:26

Now this dude can sing..I love gospel music <3

  • 2014-01-08T21:26:08

You have really touched my life with your kindness and voice....thank you for the beautiful song

  • 2014-01-08T18:34:13

This is a pure hearted man with an unashamed spirit, he sing the truth and God Bless him for that.

  • 2014-01-08T18:10:25

WOW! BEAUTIFUL! So enlightening. Would any of us have the nerve to sing out loud and strong like this? Yet, this is what we should be doing. He is an inspiration. God bless you and heal you of whatever you are going through.

  • 2014-01-08T16:45:35

Om Gosh, this is awesome. I added it to my favorites and I listen to it everyday at work to get my day started. I wish this person would download this to Itunes or something I would totally buy it. Great voice. It is so inspiring

  • 2014-01-08T12:24:01

he first thing that came to my mind when he started singing was. "PRAISE GOD".

  • 2014-01-08T06:35:47

That's one way to cut down the wait time.

  • 2014-01-08T06:23:58

What a wonderful way to encourage people and spread the Good News that God cares.

  • 2014-01-08T03:42:43

What a beautiful man with a beautiful Spirit.

  • 2014-01-08T02:08:22

This mans voice is a wonderful way to praise the LORD!!!! Sing very day of your life young man,you will bring more to the LORD

  • 2014-01-08T00:36:26

awesome dude !! Victory in JESUS !!! †††

  • 2014-01-08T00:31:05

Gives me an idea for tomorrow and then as I begin radiation treatments Monday. Isn't Jesus Wonderful!

  • 2014-01-08T00:26:42

such a comfort to listen too. thank you.

  • 2014-01-08T00:17:42

just wonderful and very encouraging!

  • 2014-01-07T22:15:19

Beautiful Singing!!

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