Gospel Flash Mob of Amazing Grace Takes Over the Evening Commute



  • 2014-03-05T02:31:26


  • 2014-03-03T22:40:16

Heather Prewitt Hi Heather, What exactly are you doing?

  • 2014-03-02T08:41:09

A train in Budapest :)

  • 2014-03-02T07:39:49

Thank you!

  • 2014-02-22T20:54:49

that was beautiful! I love it. Inspiring. How could you not smile in appreciation of the love and light shown on this bus. Thanks for posting!

  • 2014-02-09T02:44:13

That's awesome. Many years ago I was on a train in the week before Christmas that broke down between stations. Our transport system is terrible at keeping passengers informed, so we just sat there for a while not knowing what was going on. People started to get restless & a bit anxious, & suddenly I had an idea. Everyone knows Christmas carols, so maybe I could encourage people to take their minds off the situation & have a sing. I started with Silent Night & it just went from there. The carriages either side of ours opened the doors & for all I know the whole train was singing by the time the power came back on 45mins later & we pulled into the next station.

  • 2014-02-08T23:18:34

oh this is good praise love that song

  • 2014-02-08T22:14:27

I would really like to take a bus ride like that!!

  • 2014-02-08T21:17:15

I would do this on a city bus but I'm a horrible singer and I'd be arrested for cruel and unusual punishment (my singing to the other passengers).

  • 2014-02-08T21:09:41

What a beautiful voice.

  • 2014-02-08T18:24:13

On my transit system someone would call the transit and the city police.

  • 2014-02-08T16:39:19

Really amazing way to commute!

  • 2014-02-08T15:03:03

Love this.

  • 2014-02-08T15:00:29

Love it.

  • 2014-02-08T07:56:17

Wow! that's great the guy is just gifted

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