So You Call Yourself a Christian? These Students Know What it Takes!



  • 2014-04-15T04:55:11

Oh HEY! This is my video project! :) Wow, I'm glad someone uploaded it here as well. Here's the link to the original on YouTube --> Feel free to subscribe!! I'm planning on making more vids in the future!

  • 2014-04-06T07:46:52

  • 2014-03-19T09:12:27

Very inspiring message.

  • 2014-02-26T03:37:39

AMEN! Well said~

  • 2014-02-21T01:14:09

i am proud to be a FOLLOWER <3

  • 2014-02-14T21:32:25

I wouldn't say that's entirely true. Just look at people like Westboro Baptist (even though they are an extreme example). People are so negative towards them, and by association other Christians, because they see them as jerks with something to prove. To say that it is not our fault is not accurate.

  • 2014-02-11T23:51:48

Very inspiring !!!

  • 2014-02-09T03:07:07


  • 2014-02-07T07:16:13


  • 2014-02-07T03:40:05

Sinners need to know that we are sinners too, only difference is that we are saved by his grace!

  • 2014-02-07T01:58:03

I use KindleFire and does not use Adobe so cannot watch any of these. If you used YouTube I could see them.

  • 2014-02-06T16:46:12

No matter what we do there will always be those who say negative things about us and to us. It is not about Christians mistreating others or judging others, it is because they hate the Word of God and will not submit to it.

  • 2014-02-06T15:58:16

This video is for Christians only!!! If you do not know Jesus as your savior please do NOT watch this.

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