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The Rolling Stones did it. Led Zeppelin did it. Fleetwood Mac is doing it again.
There are a lot of reasons why iconic rock bands reunite, make new records and take the whole shebang out on tour after years of being out of sight and off the charts. For some, it’s the love of the music. It’s the thrill of the spotlight. They’re almost always back by popular demand. And at the bottom line, it’s almost always about the money.
For multi Grammy-winning Audio Adrenaline, the ‘90s Christian rock band who called it quits back in 2007, none of those reasons were good enough.
As Christian bands go, they’d been there and done that. They had a huge following, charted 17 No. 1 hits, sold over three million records, garnered two GRAMMYÒ Awards as well as multiple Dove Awards. They’d paid their dues on the road, headlining big tours. Their music had already impacted a generation. So when Mark Stuart, lead singer/songwriter for the band, who had been diagnosed with spasmodic dysphonia, had exhausted all medical options and showed little signs of improvement, AA was left with no choice but to say goodbye.
Frankly, their priorities had shifted when, in 2003, Stuart and band mate Will McGinniss had founded the Hands & Feet Project, a non-profit ministry in earthquake-devastated Haiti. By 2012, Stuart and his wife had adopted three Haitian children of their own, and with the help of his parents, the Hands & Feet Project had begun providing care and housing for over 100 orphaned and abandoned children in Jacmel and Grand Goave, and employment for 80 Haitian adults. “I was 100% focused on Hands & Feet,” Stuart says, “so the idea of relaunching Audio Adrenaline wasn’t even on my radar.”
Having enjoyed life off the road with his wife and children, McGinniss wrestled with the bigger issues of motivation and how reviving the band might distract from the mission. “[Hands & Feet] is not some fleeting commitment without any depth,” he explains. “This is a lifetime dedication for Mark and I to give back to the children of Haiti.”
Serving orphaned children in Haiti had trumped anything Audio Adrenaline had accomplished in its successful career, but when their friend and manager Wes Campbell suggested that the band could play an integral role in the mission, the wheels began to turn. The only meaningful reason to relaunch Audio Adrenaline: to make music that directly, financially benefits orphaned children in Haiti.
No longer up to the vocal task, Stuart connected with Kevin Max of dcTalk fame, and miraculously things just began falling into place. Max, who was adopted as a child, jumped at the opportunity to be part of something bigger than the music. “I’ve known these guys from the beginning of my career, and what I loved about this idea was that whatever came out of it would be greater than the sum of its parts.”

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