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The Dangerous Culprit
In what areas of your life have you been struggling with temptation?

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  • Is God A Schizophrenic?
    Is God A Schizophrenic?God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Amen.americanwayne2011-02-15T13:26:24728 views00:06:54
  • The Religion Lie
    The Religion LieThe band at the end is called Overcome. AWESOME song! Only the blood of Jesus saves. Quit preaching a false gospel!americanwayne2011-01-16T00:40:04570 views00:05:29
  • Pornography Rapes the Mind
    Pornography Rapes the MindPornography rapes your mind. Don't let it destroy your life, your marriage, or any possible future relationships. Most of all, don't let it get in the way of God's will for your life.americanwayne2011-01-15T04:50:042,396 views00:03:48
  • Single Handed Attempt At Revolution
    Single Handed Attempt At RevolutionAtheists and their lies. This is a song by Training For Utopiaamericanwayne2011-01-03T17:50:581,055 views00:06:02
  • Heaven Bound - Southern Gospel
    Heaven Bound - Southern GospelRandy & Patty Simmonsamericanwayne2010-12-30T13:56:1111,603 views01:21:01
  • Joel Osteen Tap Dancing
    Joel Osteen Tap DancingMr. Tap-Toe is at it again.americanwayne2010-12-22T01:48:252,543 views00:03:00
  • A House Divided
    A House DividedLet's move past all the pettiness, swallow our pride, and get over ourselves for the love and glory of God. Hebrews 6 1 So let us stop going over the basic teachings about Christ again and again. Let us go on instead and become mature in our under...americanwayne2010-12-16T22:06:57630 views00:05:41
  • Prank Calling My Sister
    Prank Calling My SisterIt's her birthday.americanwayne2010-12-13T21:07:58979 views00:05:37
  • It's You I Praise
    It's You I PraiseThis is a song a friend of mine and I wrote several years ago.americanwayne2010-12-12T21:35:47678 views00:07:51
  • Ninja Girl
    Ninja GirlA friend of mine's daughter wants to be a ninja when she grows up. Too cute!americanwayne2010-12-09T19:35:21849 views00:00:05
  • Shaving Fun!!
    Shaving Fun!!It's time to get rid of it. man month no shave november silly americanwayneamericanwayne2010-12-01T03:05:48796 views00:02:17
  • Silly Baby
    Silly BabyMy friend's child was being a silly baby. She is so cute!

    silly baby cute funny noise americanwayne
    americanwayne2010-11-23T02:52:043,931 views00:01:00
  • Church Lady Tries To Explain Christian Rock Not Being Evil
    Church Lady Tries To Explain Christian Rock Not Being Evi...These are my friends. They may not be talented but they've got heart! This lady tries to defend Christian rock at the beginning. She refers to "Crashing Pumpkins" instead of "Smashing Pumpkins"! LOL! Some friends of mine did an old song in ch...americanwayne2010-11-21T21:26:561,654 views00:06:53
  • Baby "Rocks" Himself To Sleep
    Baby "Rocks" Himself To SleepMy dancing nephew was rockin' out at a concert with his grandma. dancing baby rockin sleep steel magnoliaamericanwayne2010-11-20T21:22:362,099 views00:00:50
  • The Most Dedicated New Orleans Saints Fan Ever!
    The Most Dedicated New Orleans Saints Fan Ever!My cousin's little boy is a Saints fan and his aunt was giving him a hard time telling him he is a Colts fan. This is hilarious! New Orleans Saints Toddler Fan Dedicated Indianapolis Colts Football NFL Number One Louisiana Kid Child Baby Throwing ...americanwayne2010-11-18T00:25:321,608 views00:00:42
  • Emotional Pug Watching TV Show
    Emotional Pug Watching TV ShowHis name is Angus. He's my mother's pug. He gets emotional when he watches TV, needless to say.

    pug pugs funny dog puppy watches tv television movie emotional attacks stupid pet tricks batman bark whine growl cute hilarious dramatic humorous am...
    americanwayne2010-11-16T00:55:273,238 views00:01:36