Grandma Cries Hearing Surprise Birthday Wishes On The Radio

Grandma Cries Hearing Surprise Birthday Wishes On The Radio

This grandma is moved to tears after she hears her surprise birthday wish on the radio.

The video’s upbeat opening makes you root for the grandmother to start jamming out as she enters the car with her grandson, David Goodings. “Nan,” as she is referred to in the video, rides along peacefully through the town. The radio is on and seemingly playing normally until static begins to upset the signal.

Only the static is prerecorded and audio begins playing talking about Nan.

The voice, likely of the grandson driving. David begins to speak. He says, “We interrupt this broadcast to bring you some breaking news. Please listen very very carefully.”

Nan is listening but is unresponsive initially. The voice continues.

“Breaking news, just in! Iris Howard is celebrating her birthday.” Then she reacts with smiles and her grandson also laughs.

The recording goes on to give compliments to Nan, saying she is loved by people and making mention of this birthday being her 86th. Then birthday messages play of different loved ones offering kind words for her. She can’t help but react to the big blessing playing through the radio. The emotion forms as joyful tears as she continues to ride and listen to the wonderful messages.

Plenty of people had many things to say about Nan, clearly showing that she has had an impact on all of them. Most of the four-minute video clip is of people speaking fondly of her.

After all was said and done, David and Nan talked about the experience. He smiled while talking to his crying Nan.

“We just wanted to show you how much you mean to us.”

At the end of the video he played “Happy Birthday” for Nan.

The video has been noticed by a good number of people online including ITV News who wrote this in the comment section, “Hi David, this video is brilliant. Would you be happy for ITV News to use it on our Facebook page with a credit to you? Marcus.”

Another company called The Sun wrote, “David you legend. You've made our week on the video desk here. We'd love to use [this] on The Sun's site and FB - obviously with a credit. Would that be OK?”

This video is a great reminder to love on our elders, parents, grandparents, those who came before us and taught us what we know today. What would we be without them?

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