Sweet Moment Daughter Shares Pregnancy News With Dad Battling Alzheimer's

Sweet Moment Daughter Shares Pregnancy News With Dad Battling Alzheimer's

Some of life’s moments take our breath away—like this sweet moment when a daughter shares her pregnancy news with her dad who is battling Alzheimer's disease.

Lucky for us, Olivia Salza had the compassion, love, and foresight to capture her father's reaction.

You can feel the anticipation building as she asks him “Do you know who I am?” His face lit with joy, he jokes with Olivia that she is her husband Nick, and they share a laugh. Then he assures her with a smile, he knows she is Olivia.

But as Olivia moves closer, she asks if her dad can keep a secret and if he knows what a secret is. He does, saying with hopeful eyes, “don’t tell anyone.”

His countenance as his daughter moves closer to reveal the secret makes you just want to hug them all.

Olivia and her husband, Nick, had been struggling to conceive for three years. So there's no one better to share their miracle with first, than her father, who understands what it means to keep believing through a courageous battle.

As they break the news, Dad has to cover his eyes from the overwhelm of emotion.

It's so powerful to see her dad then quickly lock eyes with Nick Salza, his son-in-law, and encourage him about the glory of holding your baby. With eyes gleaming, this papa-to-be makes a cradling motion with his arms that has daughter and Dad crying happy tears together.

Says Olivia, through heartfelt sniffles, it’s “what you’ve done for me your whole life.”

After they all reflect together that her dad, although struggling with Alzheimer's, gets to be their new baby’s grandad, Olivia chokes up. She can hardly get the words out, that her hubby Nick is “going to be a dad for the first time!”

Olivia and Nick shared that they’ve “prayed so hard” for this blessing, posting a beautifully-arranged photo of the sonogram image on Facebook. This first photo of “Baby Salza” is gathered among cream-colored baby booties, a pacifier, blanket, blocks, and a sprig of greenery.

“Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.” Psalm 127:3


Telling my dad who has Alzheimer’s that we’re pregnant after a 3 year fertility struggle ❤️ ##fyp ##alzheimersfight ##fertilityjourney

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