Lauren Daigle Sings 'Still Rolling Stones' On Popular Talk Show

Lauren Daigle Sings 'Still Rolling Stones' On Popular Talk Show

Singer / Songwriter Lauren Daigle fabulously performs “Still Rolling Stones” in her first appearance on The Ellen Show.The song is one of fourteen exciting pieces on Daigle’s newest album “Look Up Child”. The singer is gaining traction across the music industry for her strong lyrics and her powerhouse vocals are being compared to that of singer, Adele.

We were pleasantly surprised to see Lauren Daigle on The Ellen Show. Host Ellen DeGeneres is known for featuring up-and-coming performers on her show. As Daigle’s music career is truly soaring recently, it’s no surprise that her smokey sounds got the attention of Ellen producers. But this wasn’t the first time Daigle had performed for Ellen, the pair were previously on American Idol together as judge and contestant! Ellen even joked with Daigle after her performance on the show, “She was on the tiny season that I was on American Idol, and look at her now -- because of me.”

“Out of the shadows / Bound for the gallows / A dead man walking / Till love came calling / Rise up (rise up) / Rise up (rise up) / Six feet under / I thought it was over / An answer to prayer / The voice of a Savior / Rise up (rise up) / Rise up (rise up)”

‘"Out of the shadows..." will be the first line you hear when you start to play Look Up Child. It's all about the things we think are dead, and a reminder that all losses can be revived. They can all come back.’ Lauren shared with LifeFm.

What a perfect piece to perform on The Ellen Show! So many are feeling like they are being crushed under the weights of life and are seeking a savior to pull them out of the “grave”. This song strikes right at the heart with a reminder that there is a Savior waiting to call us to “rise up”!

We’re excited to hear more from Lauren as she continues to grow in her God-given talents and create new albums!

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