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Guy on Piano in London Station Plays Cool Version of 'Amazing Grace'

Guy on Piano in London Station Plays Cool Version of 'Amazing Grace'

When a piano is left in a public space for anyone to use, one never knows what kind of impromptu show may appear. Here, some lucky folks going about in London Station gets an earful as a guy on said piano plays a rousing version of ‘Amazing Grace.’

The cool cat in blaze green jacket is Mr. Terry Miles. Now, Mr. Miles is not just a random guy tinkering on the piano, in fact he is an experienced teacher of piano, for over 35 years, specifically Boogie-Woogie style piano. That does not take away from this awesome public performance. The musician approaches, sits at the bench and begins a slow almost gospel style version of the very recognizable hymn. Slowly a few bystanders move in and start up their camera phones. Then after the first refrain, Terry starts adding in more bluesy nuances to his rendition. Gradually, the music becomes throttled up into a full blown toe-tappin’, boogie-woogie! That’s when a crowd is seen developing into a circle around the piano player watching in amazement.

As a viewer it’s almost hard to sit still while listening! After further research online, this is not the first time Mr. Terry Miles held a performance at the very same piano. His video channel has a few more in stock with him playing a few different tunes but still blazing the keys with his boogie woogie style. Kudos to this musician/teacher for sharing his talents and brightening up the day for others!

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