Little Girl's Adorable Faith Response To Taking Her Medicine

Little Girl's Adorable Faith Response To Taking Her Medicine

When stuck in a tough situation, it’s always a good idea to call on or at least include the Lord Jesus. That’s exactly what this wide-eyed little girl’s adorable faith response to her Mom tried to do. This precious cutie has decided that Jesus is indeed her way out… of taking her medicine!

When told by her Momma that she had to take her medicine, the adorable little girl stood there in her pajamas and shared with a heavy sigh and a head shake “I can’t”. Mom clearly knows this might be a battle of wills. She asks the curly-haired little girl “why”, to which she smartly replies with “I just miss Jesus!” She was so serious! Of course, Mom instantly says what every other mom was thinking when hearing this cutie pie as she replied, “Jesus wants you to take your medicine!” No surprise, that doesn’t work on this smart girl! She is truly determined she isn’t taking her medicine even if it is what Jesus would do!

This little girl is truly adorable in her focus that she misses Jesus. Anyone who has been a parent knows that sometimes our children get confused at the full meaning behind some words. When a little one is fixated on one phrase, sometimes it’s hard to make them understand that it doesn’t mean exactly what they think it does. For this little one, we’d like to think that she knows that only Jesus can overrule the power of a Mommy’s command even if it’s for her own good!

“I can’t take my medicine, I just miss Jesus.”

Posted by Taylor Parker on Friday, October 19, 2018