Kindergarten Class Signs 'Happy Birthday' Song For Deaf Custodian

Kindergarten Class Signs 'Happy Birthday' Song For Deaf Custodian

What a precious moment! Hickerson Elementary custodian, James Anthony, got the surprise of a lifetime when the Kindergarten students sign a special message to him.

The young kindergarten classes knew that they wanted to surprise their favorite school helper, custodian “Mr. James” for his 60th birthday. He’s a fixture in this Tennessee school and has been working there for 15 years and in the district for 30 years. Anthony may be deaf but that hasn’t stopped him from setting an example for the kids and making friends. Mr. James is known for stopping to teach the children sign language. He gladly sets the example as he teaches them about good manners and being kind to one other.

With the help of teachers Mrs. Allyssa Hartsfield and Mrs. Amy Hershman, these eager kindergarteners learned how to sign “Happy Birthday” so that they could sing to Mr. James and be a part of his celebration. The video taken by the school nurse, Angela Ridner, shows Mr. James walking into a room full of very excited students. As they began to sing and sign “Happy Birthday”, he was completely stunned. Putting his hands up to his head and begins to laugh in celebration, Mr. James showed that he was completely wowed by their special gift!

We’re so glad that Hickerson Elementary shared this heartwarming video! What a bright spot in our day to see these wonderful children working so hard to be a blessing to someone else. Reading the comments on social media shows how much of an impact Mr. James has had on the children that have passed through his halls over the years.

“He was my basketball coach one year! Always a happy man! Such a joy to be around!” shares Paige York.

Lexie Davis wrote: “This just made my heart smile so big. Mr. James will always hold a special place in my childhood memories! He has such a big heart 💓”

There is no doubt that Mr. James has touched many lives and is truly a mentor to these children. Well done, and Happy Birthday!

Our Kindergarten classes learned how to sign Happy Birthday for Mr. James' birthday today. He was so surprised! 💛🖤💛🖤

Posted by Hickerson Elementary on Tuesday, October 23, 2018

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