'Unplanned' Movie Trailer Tells True Story Of Former Abortion Clinic Director

'Unplanned' Movie Trailer Tells True Story Of Former Abortion Clinic Director

From the producers of God’s Not Dead, comes the captivating true story of a former Planned Parenthood worker in ‘Unplanned.’ This film tells the story of Abby Johnson, the youngest director of a clinic in the nation.

In fact, she was awarded the 2008 Employee of the Year at Planned Parenthood. Altogether, she was involved in upwards of 22,000 abortions. This included talking with women about their right to choose. But after she assisted on an abortion involving a 13-week-old fetus, her entire world changed.

Before that moment, Abby believed that an unborn baby could not feel the pain of an abortion. She soon realized that was not true. Abby walked out of the procedure and never looked back. “I can’t be part of this anymore. Everything they told us is a lie.”

After her walkout, Planned Parenthood tried to silence her and even took Abby to court. But ultimately, Abby was going to make sure her voice was heard and let it be known what was actually happening behind closed doors.

This powerful film will take a closer look at the abortion industry and the workers involved in these heartbreaking procedures. Years later, Abby now helps others in situations like her own find the confidence to leave abortion clinics and find new opportunities.

Nearly one million abortions take place in The United States of America every single year. After ‘Unplanned’ is released on March 29th, producers are hoping that the world will finally understand the truth. Will you be seeing this film?

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