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Funny Little Boy Doesn't Want To Get Married

Funny Little Boy Doesn't Want To Get Married

This funny little boy doesn’t want to get married and he’s got some very good reasons. I just love watching children interact with the world around them. Children truly see the world through a completely different set of eyes than adults. They are full of innocence and wonder. It’s a trait that a lot of us wish we still had today. And when you try to talk to them about ‘grown up’ things, you’re usually in for a hilarious conversation.

Well, that’s exactly what happened when this man asked his toddler about getting married. “Are you kidding!?! I would be scared,” the little boy said to his dad. They go on to discuss having children and being a protector, but this tot wants nothing to do with marriage. That’s when his father pressed him for a tangible reason and the response had me rolling. “Well…because I don’t want to kiss anyone,” said the toddler. According to this opinionated kid, sometimes when you kiss someone, spit can get in the way.

This is such a perfect example of how amazing (and hilarious) God’s children truly are. He puts so much time and effort into every detail of our world and He definitely knew what He was doing when He placed kids on this Earth. You just never know what is going to happen when they start to speak. On a serious note, children are truly a guiding light for us when this world can seem like a big distraction. And they’re always great for a laugh or two!

This Little Boy Doesn't Want to Get Married

Marriage isn't for everyone, just ask this little man. 😂

Posted by LightWorkers on Thursday, January 24, 2019

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