Simon Stops Song But 20-Year-Old Comes Back With Original

Simon Stops Song But 20-Year-Old Comes Back With Original

20-year-old Joseph O'Brien had no problem impressing the judges with his first audition on America’s Got Talent. Joseph is just a small town boy from Columbia, Tennessee, but this shy guy blew everyone away with his rendition of the famous 80’s song ‘Hello’ from Lionel Richie. He even managed to get a smile from Simon during that first performance.

Today, Joseph is back on stage for another round and he’s hoping to get the same reaction from the judges. Just watch as he sits behind the piano and starts to play ‘Can’t Fight This Feeling’ from REO Speedwagon. But before he got halfway through the song, Simon stopped the music and said, “I think you’re overthinking everything right now. You’ve got a great voice. I’m just frustrated because I didn’t love that song choice.”

That’s when he asked Joseph to perform another song and the young man decided to play an original that he personally loved. For the second time, Joseph sat behind the piano and started to belt out the lyrics to his song ‘The Average.’ It’s obvious the faces of the judges that this song was a much better choice. Joseph seemed so much more comfortable and his passion for performing truly came through with this tune.

I’m so glad that Simon was able to see the talent behind Joseph’s voice and give him another opportunity. I definitely think we’re going to be seeing Joseph again and I hope his next performance is just as good as this one.

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