Teenager Joins Grandpa For Duet Of 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow'

Teenager Joins Grandpa For Duet Of 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow'

18-year-old Brooke Falls is a talented singer and she’s not afraid to let the world hear her voice. But the vocals aren’t the only thing memorable about Brooke. She has a special music partner that is getting lots of attention and it truly melted my heart.

81-year-old Frank Nardone is Brooke’s grandfather and he’s also an amazing guitar player. He loves nothing better than getting together with this granddaughter and making incredible music. Just watch this precious clip of the two sitting outside playing the classic song ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow.’

At the beginning, Brooke holds up a sign that says 18, signifying her age. Then, she hands it over to Grandpa Frank and he flips the paper upside down to reveal the number 81, which is how old he is. Two completely different generations are coming together and it’s a performance you don’t want to miss.

I just love how these two are using their mutual love of music to bond and spend time together. Our grandparents are truly a gift from God and they will not be around forever. It’s important to cherish the time that we do have with them and learn all they lessons they have to give. That’s exactly what Brooke is doing and it’s so sweet to watch.

I’m sure these two have a very special bond and I’m so glad that someone was able to record this duet. I know it will be a memory that is cherished for years to come. Do you have any favorite memories with your grandparents?

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