'Lovesick Blues' - Viral Sensation Mason Ramsey

'Lovesick Blues' - Viral Sensation Mason Ramsey

“Lord I don't know what I'll do

All I do is sit and sigh, oh Lord
The last long
I I, Oh Lord the last long
I I, Oh Lord the last long”

By now, we have all seen 11-year-old Mason Ramsey and his viral yodeling performance in WalMart. Mason became an overnight sensation when a video of him in the supermarket was posted online. This little country crooner stood loud and proud and even started yodeling during his performance. Walmart concerts used to be a regular occurrence for Mason, but ever since the world saw his video on the Internet, he’s shot to stardom.

Now, young Mason has performed all over the country, including on the Grand Ole Opry stage. Little Mason has gotten so popular that he landed his own record contract. Now, this incredible musician is singing his heart out to his latest song ‘Lovesick Blues’ and it’s one performance that you don’t want to miss.

I just can’t get over his talent and how he pours his heart into each and every performance. He has tons of charisma and definitely has a passion for performing. He’s already captured the hearts of people all over the world and I have a feeling that Mason has a long career ahead of him in the music industry. If he keeps singing like this, I definitely think Mason Ramsey will be a name will continue to hear for years to come. Who else loves listening to this young boy sing the blues?