'Living With A Fire' - Jesus Culture Acoustic Performance

‘I'm living with a fire burning inside of me
I'm living for the Savior, Jesus, eternally
With all that I am, Lord, I give You my heart
Let the flame shine brighter
Let Your praise sing louder’

When you feel weak or lost, look to the Lord and you will find the greatest strength ever known. There is no doubt that God is truly our hope, our light and our strength. He stands by us through it all and will never abandon us. When we put our trust in Him, the most amazing things start to happen in our lives.

You are sure to be reminded of this as you listen to the powerful lyrics of ‘Living With A Fire’ from Jesus Culture. And today, we get to hear a special acoustic rendition of this song and learn more about how it was written. There's nothing like a good worship song to truly make you feel closer to the Lord. When you sing out those lyrics, it's almost like His strength and love wash over us.

This incredible ensemble truly has a God-given talent and it's absolutely amazing to hear them use those talents to give praise to His name. Fear may try to break us down, but with the Lord beside us, fear will never win. This song is the perfect way to lift His name in praise. I just know He is smiling down on us from above. Who else is worshipping along with this incredible Jesus Culture song?

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