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Tiny Worship Leader Takes Crowd To Church

Tiny Worship Leader Takes Crowd To Church

‘It's alright, it's okay. Don't you let your troubles get in the way. Just believe and have faith, know that He's with you every day.’ There’s no doubt that little Caleb Serrano has a heart for the Lord. And this energetic little guy loves nothing more than giving praise to His name any way he can.

Today, young Caleb is back on the Little Big Shots stage to lead Steve Harvey and the crowd in some amazing worship. Caleb may be young, but his voice and talent is well beyond his age. Just watch as he confidently steps onto the stage and starts to belt out the powerful words of Shirley Caesar's "It's Alright, It's Ok." These lyrics always touch a special place in my heart, but hearing them come from this little fella sends my heart soaring.

I just love watching the younger generation praise the Lord and there’s nothing better than Caleb’s worship performance. Within seconds of starting to sing, he has the whole crowd clapping along and I couldn’t help but join in. There’s even people raising their hands in praise right along with Caleb. He truly brought God to the stage and took everyone to church. And when he hits those notes at the end, I was in complete awe.

This young man has a passion like I’ve never seen before and I sure hope that he keeps that fire alive for the Lord. Who else wants to hear more worship and praise from Caleb? I know I sure do!

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