4th Grader Plays Piano Rendition Of 'Imagine' At Talent Show

4th Grader Plays Piano Rendition Of 'Imagine' At Talent Show

Adam may only be in the 4th grade but it's obvious that this young boy is wise beyond his years. When it came time for his school talent show, he decided to perform a beautiful rendition of 'Imagine.'

Just watch as he sits behind the piano and starts to belt out the words to this inspirational tune. I don't think anyone in the audience was expecting the performance to be quite this moving. I think there were more than a few tears shed during this number. And now, Adam's song is resonating all over the world as his video has gone viral with over 9 million views.

I just love how he bows at the very end too. This young man definitely has a talent and I'm so glad that he was willing to share it with the world. Who else is in awe of this incredible boy?

Adam had his all school talent show today. He did Imagine. There wasn’t a parent in the room with a dry eye by the end. He got a standing ovation and the applause lasted forever!! A woman stopped me to tell me that she would buy it on iTunes if I put it out there!! I love his bow at the end...so polite!

Posted by Michelle Cavarnos Kornowski on Thursday, May 24, 2018

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