'Wonderfully Made' - Ellie Holcomb Live Performance

'Wonderfully Made' - Ellie Holcomb Live Performance

Even when we may feel lost or alone, the Lord is always by our side. He created us and has loved us from the beginning. There may be times when we feel dark or not good enough, but that's when it's important to remember that we were beautifully made.

That's exactly what the lyrics of 'Wonderfully Made' from Ellie Holcomb speak about. And this incredible live performance truly touched a special place in my heart. There's nothing like hearing a beautiful worship song to truly fuel your fire for God. We may look at ourselves as not worthy, but when God looks at us He sees something amazing and completely worthwhile.

What a great God that we truly serve and I'm so glad that Ellie is spreading this message of love. Who else is singing along with this special performance?

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