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'Voices' - Lambog Feat. Samuelle Keep Hope Thru Mental Illness

'Voices' - Lambog Feat. Samuelle Keep Hope Thru Mental Illness

Anyone who’s had a loved one suffer from mental illness knows it’s absolutely heart-wrenching. But mental illness not only affects the individual but the family and friends as well.

Today, 2 fathers are hoping that their musical message will help bring awareness and inspire a change. Just listen to the powerful words in 'Voices' by Lambog featuring Samuelle. This inspirational tune will truly touch a special place in your heart. As a society, we need to come together to help fight these awful diseases. The words of this song really opened my eyes and there's no doubt that the images are moving.

This is one song that will truly hit you hard. I hope that together, we can combat mental illness and pray for a resolution.

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