Toddler Is Excited To Get Broccoli For Christmas

Toddler Is Excited To Get Broccoli For Christmas

Little Mason Reese sure does love Christmas time. And this sweet toddler is grateful for all of the presents no matter how big or small.

Just watch the adorable moment when he starts to unwrap one of his presents from his parents. As he takes the tissue paper out, he happily pulls out a whole head of broccoli. He's so excited about this unique gift that he even takes a bite out of it right in front of everyone. As Mason continues to open his present his finds some other unusual items like a banana and a toothbrush.

Some people might think these gifts are 'lame' but Mason sure does appreciate every single item. His parents have definitely taught him some great manners and his enthusiasm for Christmas is absolutely contagious.

It truly touches my heart that Mason is grateful for these everyday gifts and he expressed his thanks in the cutest way. This is going to be video that this family will watch over and over again. What do you think about this grateful toddler?

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