'Christ Lives In Me' - Rend Collective

'Christ Lives In Me' - Rend Collective

The Lord is truly worthy of all the thanks and blessings that we can give. He gave us life and when He sent His only Son to Earth to die for us on the cross.

All of our sins were forgiven and now, we're free of our chains and can live out our days in Heaven above. What a wonderful blessing that is indeed. Because of this second chance at live, we know that He lives through us. That's exactly what the lyrics of 'Christ Lives In Me' from Rend Collective will remind you of.

When our world feels like too much, run to the arms of the Lord. He is always there waiting and ready to guide us home. No matter what sin or sorrow has come our way, God is always by our side.

This beautiful performance is exactly what my heart needed to hear today and I'm so thankful that I can lift my voice and sing praises to His name. Amen!

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