Bless The One' Mack Brock With Matt Maher Acoustic Performance

Bless The One' Mack Brock With Matt Maher Acoustic Performance

Mack Brock and Matt Maher put on an acoustic performance of their new song 'Bless The One.'

“From heights of heaven to darkest night, the mission of the Father's heart upon Your mind
Nothing would stop You, beneath the burden You felt the weight
You held the tension of the price You'd have to pay, nothing would stop You
Bless the One who reigns forever, bless the One who ransomed me
From death to life there is no other, bless the only risen King”

What a beautiful performance with just an acoustic guitar and piano to accompany the lovely lyrics. And Mack and Matt’s voices blend so well when they sing harmonies together.

When talking about ‘Bless The One,’ the man interviewing Mack and Matt talked about how impressed he was with the lyrics. “It’s the gospel in a nutshell in a lot of ways,” he said. “It’s the suffering of Jesus, and even the struggling to the cross, but the commitment and the dedication there. Then there’s this other side of it which is this response of praise obviously in that chorus.”

Mack chimes in to explain what he and Matt were going for when writing the song. “We really wanted to capture the humanity of Jesus, especially in that first lyric,” he explained. “I can imagine if Jesus felt the anxiety of like, ‘I know I’m about to go through this pain and this struggle.’ And yet, he still chose to do it for us…he still chose to embrace the cross. And that’s why our response is praise.”

“I think there’s a lot of times when we look at the death of Jesus,” Matt Maher said. “And I think this song, in some ways, it explores all the angles of it.”

What a blessing this song is, and we hope that it was able to encourage you today!

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