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2020 Coca-Cola Christmas Commercial Brings The Tears

2020 Coca-Cola Christmas Commercial Brings The Tears

A 2020 Coca-Cola Christmas commercial is so heartwarming, it brings the tears to the eyes this holiday.

Coca-Cola has been around for decades, and their commercials for the holidays can always be counted on to bring a bit of cheer..

Their ad this year begins with a little girl hugging her father before he goes away for work. But before he left she handed him a letter for him to send to the North Pole. The little girl’s dad worked at an offshore wind energy plant, and as he was eating his lunch he had noticed the letter for Santa that his daughter had given to him.

In a last minute effort to get the letter to the North Pole, the dad grabs a small speed boat to try to catch up with the mail boat that would deliver the mail across the ocean. But the dad’s engine burned out mid-chase.

Now stranded at sea, he just sat and waited. While the dad was waiting in the middle of nowhere, a whale emerged from the water and splashed down causing the dad’s boat to capsize. While he was under water he made sure to keep a tight grip on his daughter’s letter to Santa, determined to deliver it no matter the cost.

The dad then woke up on a shoreline with the letter in hand, we then saw him sitting next to a fire holding and gazing at the letter. This is when the true adventure begins! The dad was so determined to deliver this letter for his little one that he had climbed cliffs, stumbled through swamps, walked through the thickest parts of the jungle.

When he finally arrived at the North Pole, a sign on the door had read “Closed for Christmas.” Dropping to his knees the father felt defeated, until the beam from headlights illuminated the dad’s face. A Coca-Cola semi-truck had pulled up, and the dad climbed in. It was a long journey but the driver transported him all the way back home.

When the dad got out of the truck, the driver handed him the letter he forgot in the cab of the truck. He took the letter and opened it, and it read “Dear Santa, Please Bring Daddy Home for Christmas.”

When the father got the letter, he was determined to deliver it no matter what, yet all his daughter wanted was for him to be home for Christmas. Coca-Cola has done it again with another amazing heart-tugging commercial. Watch it and feel your heart swell.

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