Gaither Vocal Band 'Chainbreaker' Gospel Hit Song

Gaither Vocal Band 'Chainbreaker' Gospel Hit Song

Listen to the beautiful lyrics of 'Chainbreaker' and be reminded of this as the talented men of the Gaither Vocal Band perform this hit song. When we give our life over to the Lord, there is a truly a better one waiting for us in Heaven.

The Christian song 'Chainbreaker' has resonated with hearts all over the world. Hand your worries and pain over to God and let all your chains loose.

I love singing these special lyrics and hearing it from one of my favorite groups makes this song even better. Let's all join our voices and shout about His name from the rooftops. Amen!

Here’s the new Gaither Vocal Band video for “Chain Breaker,” the 2nd video single from their new project “We Have This...

Posted by Friends of Gaither Music on Friday, September 15, 2017

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