Police Officer Warns Others After Scam Caller Threatens To Arrest Her

Police Officer Warns Others After Scam Caller Threatens To Arrest Her

One police officer is warning others after a scam caller targets her and even threatens an arrest.

Captain Ann Stephens with the Apex Police Department in North Carolina was on shift when she received a phone call from an unknown number. When she answered, a man informed her that he was an officer with the Social Security Administration and Capt. Stephens was in trouble for multiple IRS scams.

That’s when another officer from Capt. Stephens’ department decided to record the entire conversation. As she sits at her desk, the caller tries to get Capt. Stephens to verify some of her personal information. She decided to have a little fun with the scammer when she told him that her address is 205 Saunders Street in Apex, North Carolina. That is the address of the Apex Police Department headquarters.

After the call continues, the fake officer begins to get agitated with Capt. Stephens when she does not supply him with the requested information such as her social security number. He says, “In the next 45 minutes, you will be arrested, OK?” The call is then “transferred” to a “senior officer” who continues to threaten Capt. Stephens.

Finally, when they realize that the conversation is not going the way they’d like, the scam callers hang up. While there is definitely some humor in this call, it’s also an important reminder to never give out your personal information such a bank account numbers and your social security number. As these calls become more and more frequent, we must be intentional and let others know of these scams.

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