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Viral Samsung Ad Shows How Technology Helps Blind And Deaf Girl Communicate

Viral Samsung Ad Shows How Technology Helps Blind And Deaf Girl Communicate

A recent Samsung ad is tugging at heartstrings all over the world as it showcases a new and innovative feature on phones.

For decades, Samsung has been a leader in technology and, now, they’re taking it to the next level with the introduction of Good Vibes. This is a communication tool that allows those who are deaf and blind to communicate with their caregiver or loved one.

The tool utilizes vibrations to relay Morse code messages to the blind and deaf. In return, they can use the touch screen on the phone to tap out messages to send to someone else.

This touching commercial shows the impact of this innovative new tool and how it can truly bridge the gap between family members. Just watch as a young girl who is deaf and blind struggles with the world around her.

Her parents try their best to care for her, but without a means to communicate, it proves to be too difficult. They make the decision to send the girl to a school where she can learn how to take care of herself and ways to understand others. It’s there that she receives the gift of a phone from her parents.

The girl utilizes the Good Vibes tool to send a message to her parents and they cry tears of joy after “hearing” their child communicate for the very first time. With this newfound ability, life can be completely different. This is such an incredible commercial and an even more remarkable product.

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