17-Year-Old Performs Epic Indoor Sky Diving Dance Routine

17-Year-Old Performs Epic Indoor Sky Diving Dance Routine

This 17-year-old is putting a new spin on dance with this incredible indoor sky diving dance routine.

Maja Kuczyńska has always been an athlete. As a child, she was involved with gymnastics and skiing. But she truly found her passion when she was just ten years old and completed her first tandem jump with her father.

A few months later, Maja completed flew in a wind tunnel for her first indoor sky diving experience. From that moment on, she was hooked on flying. Maja went on to compete at the world level and even took first place at the Junior Freestyle World Championship in 2015.

Now, Maja is showing off her unique skills with an amazing dance routine all performed inside a wind tunnel. Just watch as this talented artist steps inside the tunnel and starts to spin and twist against the raging wind.

From the delicateness of her moves, you would never imagine that the air is rushing towards her at such high speeds. I know that it must take Maja so much time and practice to perfect these moves but she pulls off this stunt flawlessly. The cheers from the crowd confirm that this teen has some insane talent.

Recently, Maja visited Portugal and the United States to complete various sky diving jumps. After conquering the world of indoor sky diving, Maja is continuing to push herself to the limit and find new challenges. And after a performance like this, I can only imagine what the future will hold for this talented woman.

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