Tim Hawkins Shares Parenting Story At The Drive-Thru

Tim Hawkins Shares Parenting Story At The Drive-Thru

Our favorite Christian comedian Tim Hawkins shares a hilarious story about his family and the drive-thru.

Tim Hawkins is known all around the world for his funny parodies and comedic sketches such as ‘The Chick-Fil-A Song’ and ‘Hand Raising At Church.’ Tim never fails to disappoint at taking popular songs or pop culture references and adapting them to make the struggles of life a little funnier.

In fact, he’s garnered over 200 million views across social media and still remains relevant today. Since 2002, Tim has released multiple DVDs, CDs, and countless videos on YouTube and Facebook.

Today, he’s taking a look at his own life and sharing a funny story about parenting at the drive-thru. Recently, he had the entire family in the car for a trip to Taco Bell.

After getting everyone’s orders and paying, Tim handed all the bags out to each kid. That’s when his son started to complain that his food wasn’t right.

At first, Mom handles the complaint with compassion and understanding. But what she does next had the entire place laughing at loud.

Times sure have changed since we were kids. Tim shared that all of the ‘special requests’ just did not exist. “It didn’t used to be like that when I was a kid, not at all. My dad would have a car full of us, pull up to a McDonald’s drive-thru, order an apple pie for himself and drive away.”

I can definitely remember some times like this. How about you?

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