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'She'll Be Missing You' Hilarious Ode To Target During Quarantine

'She'll Be Missing You' Hilarious Ode To Target During Quarantine

During this quarantine for the coronavirus, many families have found fun and creative ways to spend their time at home. One family decided to make a hilarious parody song called ‘She’ll Be Missing You’ as an ode to Target.

“Every trip she made
Every time she paid
Every picture frame
Every Mouthguard game
She is missing you”

The Holderness family made this parody song that has the same melody as ‘Every Breath You Take’ by The Police. The mom is seen gazing out the window with a longing look in her eyes, thinking about all the good times that she had at Target before quarantine started. Her husband is even using a garden hose on the window to make it look like it is raining outside! These two are so creative and hilarious, and it is great to see how they are using their skills to make others laugh.

During the video, there are flashback scenes of the mom smelling candles in Target, buying fake plants and decorative pillow, sipping on a Starbucks coffee cup, and chatting with friends that she ran into while shopping in the aisles of the store. All things that she, and I’m sure many others as well, will be looking forward to doing once again after everything with the coronavirus settles down.

“One day I will be there wandering around and smelling candles again, old friend. I miss you Target,” writes the mother of the Holderness family on their YouTube video. “We know social distancing is hard. #StayHome and laugh #WithUs - we will be making songs, skits, and vlogs to keep you smiling!”

It is great to see that the Holderness family is continuing to put out parody videos that can bring humor and laughter to people’s lives. During these times of uncertainty, smiling and laughing is always a great way to make it through!

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