Dolly Parton Performs 'Sweet Music Man' To Honor Late Kenny Rogers

Country legend Dolly Parton honors the late Kenny Rogers with a touching rendition of ‘Sweet Music Man.’

The song was written and recorded by Kenny Rogers and it is the perfect tribute to the iconic artist.

“Sing a song sweet music man 'cause I won't be there
To hold your hand like I used to, I'm through with you
You're a heck of a singer and powerful man but you surround yourself
With people who demand so little of you”

Kenny Rogers was one of the great voices in the entire music industry. For decades, he gave us chart-topping hits such as ‘The Gambler’ and ‘Lady.’ Sadly, in 2020, Kenny Rogers passed away at the age of 81. But there’s no doubt that he left a lasting impression on the music world that will never be forgotten.

As we look back, whenever we think of Kenny, Dolly Parton also comes to mind. For decades, Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton entertained the masses with amazing duets such as ‘Islands In The Stream.’ And the true friendship between these musical talents was even sweeter.

Today, Dolly is performing ‘Sweet Music Man’ in honor of this great man and it’s absolutely beautiful.

“Oh, but nobody sings a love song quite like you do
Oh, and nobody else can make me sing along
Nobody else can make me feel things are right
When I know they're wrong, nobody sings a love song quite like you”

The world lost a legend when Kenny Rogers passed away. Thankfully, his life and music will continue to live on and inspire many more generations of musicians.
Source: Dolly Parton

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