Talented Group Gives Irish Dance A Modern Makeover

Talented Group Gives Irish Dance A Modern Makeover

Irish dance group Prodijig gives this dance genre a modern makeover over on ‘Got To Dance.’ Irish dance dates back to Ireland the 17th century and consists of several different styles of solo and group dances. Stepdance groups like Riverdance brought the beautiful synchronized dance to popularity in recent years.

Now, this classic form of expression is finding new life in the modern era. And Prodijig is at the forefront of this revolution. Led by world champion Irish dancer, Alan Kenefick, Prodijig is a brand new group that combines brilliant choreography and music with traditional dance moves. In 2011, they became a household name when they were crowned champions of the UK show ‘Got To Talent.’

Their performance has been viewed millions of times across social media and they’ve gained an international following. On Facebook, the group detailed their journey. “Following the success of the series, Alan went on to create the full-length show ‘Footstorm’ which showcased his unique style in a powerful theatrical show. Footstorm has toured Ireland, the UK and China with a run on the West End.”

Now, they are continuing to push the limits with new tours and brand new dances that dazzle the audience. Alan told the Irish Examiner, "The opportunities in Irish dancing are limitless — the more I learn, the more I see how you can fit everything into it.” And we are so excited to see what this talented group has in store for the future.

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