Christian Counseling

Life is hardly predictable. It comes with unanticipated twists and turns that leave us confused, hurt and frequently disoriented. At times, our understanding of our situation is clouded and unclear. Subsequently, our ability to develop effective solutions is limited. At these junctures we turn for help.

Likely the most effective approach to counseling is to determine the underlying cause of each situation. That can be more effectively achieved by utilizing a broad array of testing and assessment instruments to pin-point particular causes. Once a situation has been clarified, specific goals should be determined that direct the course of therapy and maintain a strong, consistent focus. Finally, a broad range of therapeutic approaches utilized in the counseling process can more effectively tailor treatment to meet the specific needs and issues of the patient. All of this should be done in a warm, collaborative and support therapeutic environment.

May God bring the needed resource into your life to meet the challenges you are experiencing at this time in your journey.

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